Jackie Singer is a musician, storyteller, mother, celebrant and author, but not always in that order . . .

RITES OF PASSAGE                                                                                                                             As a celebrant Jackie enables others to create rituals to celebrate the turning of the year and also the rites of passage in their own lives.  Her first book on this subject, Birthrites, Rituals and Celebrations for the Child-Bearing Years is published by Permanent Publications.

"eloquent, wise and clear" Sue Gill, author and celebrant

 Jackie is currently researching her next book on Coming of Age.

MUSIC                                                                                                                                               Jackie plays the violin, sings and writes music in the Oxford-based band Kismet.  With three female voices and a palette of strings, wind and accordion, Kismet create a music that’s melodious, subtle and communicative, founded on European folk music but with  influences from jazz to minimalism.  Their repertoire stretches from passionate Irish jigs (in one incarnation they are a Ceilidh Band) to settings of the ancient Sufi mystic poets.  Many of Kismet’s concerts form a musical meditation on the seasonal cycle.

“Balm for the Soul” Oxford Folk Festival.   “Where would I rather be?  This music gives me hope.”    Malidoma Some


STORYTELLING                                                                                                                             Jackie first learned the wisdom and value of traditional stories during her training as a Dramatherapist.  She loves to tell stories to people of all ages, and generally enhances her performances with songs and musical interjections.  She favours magical tales and those that connect people with nature, and their own humanity.

Jackie is co-teaching a course for beginners at Barracks Lane Community Garden in May / June 2012.  In October 2012 her piece with Liz Rothschild Marigolds and Ashes will be performed as part of the Kicking the Bucket Festival.  

FAMILY                                                                                                                                                         Jackie’s two girls keep her on her toes, and provide immeditate feedback (constructive and otherwise) on most of her current projects.

Heather and Penny

One Response to About

  1. Louise says:

    Dear Jackie
    I would love to come to your event this Sat but I am working. I am 53 and have two children 18 & 13. I also have responsibilities for some older relatives, 85 & 75. I am running dry!! Usually I am full of it – I need some spirit to keep me going and flowing. Can you suggest something else that would help. I am a ‘giver’ and need replenishment. You mentioned a monthly circle.

    Best wishes Louise

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